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Summer Professional Development Series

New Teacher Boot Camp #ntbootcamp

with Lisa Dabbs, M.Ed. Educational Consultant

As part of Edutopia's Summer Professional Development Series, this free workshop on web 2.0 tools for new teachers was offered from July 5th-August 5th, 2011!

~>>As of October 23,2011 this Wiki is now CLOSED to joining.

For those who would like to go through the boot camp, on their own, you can access all content

at Live Binders By Lisa Dabbs, Teachingwithsoul, here: http://livebinders.com/edit?id=218608

Edutopia.org Boot Camp Blog posts are here: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/new-teacher-boot-camp

Thanks for your interest in working on the activities!

Announcement! A Webinar was held to culminate our Boot Camp on Wednesday August 3, 2011

A link to view the Elluminate webinar archive will be posted here soon.

Many thanks to Steve Hargadon for supporting our webinar!


LAST DAY to post sample of the 5 weeks work on your page to receive recognition from Edutopia.org has passed!

The task of collecting names is now in process. It is taking additional time to compile results for recognition certificates. We ask for your patience during this process.

We hope to get all info completed by October 31st 2011.

Remember you are creating a page here, within this wiki...not creating your OWN wiki!

To create a page in this wiki you:

1. Click on the New Page link in the navigation bar on the left.

2. You will be taken to a Make a New Page that looks like this:


3. Give it a title in the Page Name box (samples on the left navigation bar)

4. Click the "create" button and you will now have your own page.

5. To get to your page in the future...you scroll down the navigation bar (on the left) until you see your page.

6. As the tool is presented you will add a sample to YOUR page. Add a tag so it will show up easier in the navigation bar!

7. Click on the "horizontal rule line"


(3rd button in this pic) in the tool bar to separate your tools on your page.

Week 5 Blog on Blogging in the classroom and Video is live! See link below...

As the tool is presented, place an example of the tool on your portfolio page!

==>>Here is a great video tutorial on how to add images to your wiki page!


Week I, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5: Click on these pages, to the left in the navigation bar, for current week info!

We now have a New Teacher Boot Camp BADGE! Campers: Feel free to add it to your blog!

(Right click to save, get URL and/or download as a jpg.)


Kick off!**

Started Tuesday, July 5th shared via Lisa's New Teacher Blog on Edutopia.org
On the blog we will continue to share the following for each tool explored:

  1. Tool Name.
  2. What the tool is.
  3. Examples of the tool:how it looks.
  4. How to use in the classroom with students: potential feedback!

Participants will learn about one educational technology tool a week through video and blog post.
==>>(Update: Webinar is planned for Week 5 of our bootcamp!)
Then teachers will be asked to do some practice lessons before developing a way to use it, on their own.

Keep Connecting Online

As a group, participants will then be able to brainstorm ways to integrate these tools into the classroom in creative and engaging ways.
In addition they will be able to join this wiki,create their own page and have a digital portfolio of their work.


Some of you are already adding discussions in the tab on the home page...Great! Collaborations are key to our work.

You are also able to add a discussion to your OWN portfolio page, if you wish.

Organizers will comment as often as possible to support your work.

(This wikispace was designed specifically for the five-week workshop to allow for group participation and collaboration.)

Then the weekly ed-tech tool will be the discussion topic of the Wednesday 5PT/8ET twitter-follow1.png

New Teacher Chat #ntchat on Twitter. http://newteacherchat.wikispaces.com

As we wrap up in August, if you registered and have participated in all 5 weeks, you will be eligible
for our great Edutopia Swag and Raffle Give-Aways.

Make plans to join us for this fun, summer learning opportunity!

Here is our New Teacher Boot Camp Tech Tool Schedule:

July 5, 2011: Using Wordle in the Classroom
July 12, 2011: Using VoiceThread in the Classroom
July 19, 2011: Using Storybird in the Classroom
July 26, 2011: Using Wetoku in the Classroom
Aug 2, 2011: Using Blogs in the Classroom

About our Facilitator

Lisa M. Dabbs M.Ed.,runs Edutopia’s New Teacher Connections group; she is the founder of the weekly New Teacher Chat #ntchat on Twitter, the creator of The Teacher Mentoring Project and one of the organizers of #rscon3 and #edcampOC. She blogs at Edutopia.org and at Teachingwithsoul.com She's been all over the country -- virtually and in real life -- in her mission to support new and pre-service teachers. We are honored to have her as the steward of this summer program!