WEEK ONE: Wordle
I copied and pasted my favorite poem: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. I thought of several ways Wordle could be used in the English classroom. For example, I could post something like this as a warm-up challenge activity and have students "guess that poem" or "unscramble that poem." It could also be used in this type of way to draw out related words (wood, roads, leaves, undergrowth) or significant words, leading to an interpretation of symbols activity. If we have been doing a unit on poetry, or a specific author, I could create several wordles using clips of their works and present them in quiz format to name which work this came from, or unscramble the wordles (with shorter clips, of course). I also like the idea of using wordle as a way for students to visually represent their own work, whether it be a character sketch or a creative visualization of an original poem.

WEEK TWO: VoiceThread
I think VoiceThread sounds like an incredibly fun way to bring out students' creativity and enthusiasm for interacting with literature, among other ways VoiceThread could be used in class to broaden participation and make participation more comfortable for all students, increase discussion between students, and improve creative and critical responses.