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Edutopia's New Teacher Boot Camp Portfolio

Week One: Wordle

This wordle was created from a passage in my educational philosophy paper

Week One: Wordle - part two

I really liked the idea of using wordle to help students in the editing/revision stage of their writing, so I decided to take a segment of a short story I wrote to check out my word usage. While some words were intentionally repeated, I find my use of the word "many" a little surprising! I think this is a fantastic tool to help students to revise their work. After all what is revision but re-visioning? Wordle used in this manner really does enable you to re-vision your work through a different lens.

Wordle created from three paragraphs of a short story I wrote



Week Two: Voice Thread

A Voice Thread on the essential question of my thesis:
How do you feel arts integration prepares students to meet the four C’s of 21st Century Learning? (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity)
Feel free to respond!

Week Three: Storybird

Eventually I will embed my storybird here, however at the time I am having some technical difficulties with retrieving the embed code from storybird itself. I believe it needs to be moderated before storybird will allow it to be in the public library. I wrote a simple storybird based on the ideas of hopes and dreams, using the artwork as my inspiration and guide. I think this could be a nice introduction for younger children to create a class hopes and dreams storybird. Below is a link to my published storybird in the meantime.

Dream Big Storybird
screenshot of my storybird

Week Four: Wetoku

A great, free, no downloads needed video podcast service and collaborative interview tool! Check out my Wetoku for some of the ways I can see this resource being a valuable addition to the classroom!

Week Five: Blogs

It should come as no surprise that I love to write, therefore blogging is something I have done in the past. I have had personal blogs, and even a gluten free cooking blog (if anyone ever wants to chat about living gluten free, let me know!) This however is a new baby, my personal journey as an educator blog. Reflective post on the New teacher Boot Camp coming soon!