Carolyn Kloecker

Twitter: gringaorgullosa

Hello! I currently live in Austin, Texas, and I will be teaching in a 1st Grade Dual-Language Bilingual classroom in Round Rock, Texas next year. I was a substitute teacher for the past year in Bilingual classrooms around Chicago, Illinois. I can't wait to get started as a new teacher! Any and all advice is welcome! :)

Week 1 - Wordle

Wordle using all the standards covered in a 5th grade science unit on energy.

Week 2 - Voicethread


Week 3 - Storybird

This year we will go far! on Storybird

Week 4 - Wetoku

Week 5 - Blog

Old Blog:

New Blog:
(still need to make a recent post! I've been so busy with constant PD!)

Debating between edublogs, kidblogs, or blogspot for my kids' classroom blog. Suggestions???