Hi! I'm Chelsea Foster. I teach 9th grade Physics in Columbia, MO.
I'm excited to learn more about web 2.0 tools this summer!

Twitter: ChelseaBFoster

Week 1: Wordle

July 6 ~

I have to say that I tried using Wordle once last year and didn't find it user-friendly enough. I used Tagxedo several times, though. Below are a couple of the word clouds I made with Tagxedo. (Coming soon... I left my flash drive at school today.) I'm going to give Wordle another try, too. I'll post my new creations soon.

July 9 ~

I finally had some time to play with Wordle. Here's what I came up with.
Wordle from my "About Mrs. Foster" page on my class blog.

Another version of the same text...

Here are two word clouds I used this past year. I used www.tagxedo.com to make them.
I used this several times throughout the year. As we started a new unit, we crossed off the concepts we had already covered and wrote-in other concept my students thought were important too. They had a lot of fun crossing out and writing on the word cloud. They also had fun guessing when we would use the rest of the ideas.

I made this from a survey I took. I asked my students what they thought they needed to do in order to be successful in my class second semester.