Lauren Kelly

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Blog: New Teacher's Thoughts

Week 1: Wordle
My wordle from one of my blog posts. :)
I changed the colours around too...because I like pink and purple! Cute!


Week 2: VoiceThread

Week 3: Story Bird

Don't go crazy. Or at least enjoy it. on Storybird

Week 4: Wetoku

Week 5: Blogs

My blog is at New Teachers Thoughts

I started writing it to get all my thoughts in one place and rant and ramble a bit, so I don't have to subject my friends to it lol. I haven't updated in a while...oops! Been very busy but hopefully I'll get a new post up this week about BootCamp! I love using HTML to make my blogs look a bit funky so, like with the top post in this screen grab, I make them sparkly or flashing or whatever else I can do!