Projects for Boot Camp:

1) Week One Wordle
I created this for my high school ESL class with the verbs from the syllabus, goals and objectives. Thought this might be a more creative way of introducing the IB English Language B course.

2) Week 2: Voice Thread
I posted a picture with a provocative discussion question for my 11th grade IB students to give them practice for the individual oral exam they'll have to take at the end of the course. Because this exam is based on a picture relating to one of the topics they've focused on during the year AND must be recorded, voice thread is a perfect way for them to practice, get used to the technology, and feel comfortable discussing a picture at length.

3) Week 3: Storybird

This little story is a reflection on my summer vacation, when I spent 6 weeks at home after working abroad for a year.

hOMe is the place on Storybird

4) Week 4: Wetoku

This is an interview with my colleague from the Bavarian International School about potential uses of Wetoku with our students next year. There is quite a delay between my questions and his responses because of my poor internet connection via satellite. I'm convinced the technology will work better with a better, faster connection.
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