IMG_0006.JPGBlaine Carlsen

Taber, AB, Canada

Twitter: @Taberboy


Week 1: Wordle

In Science 6 we have a unit called Air and Aerodynamics. I have chosen this unit as my fodder for this wordle. It turned out alright but I am struggling with how to make this a multi-experience sort of artefact. It would be very cool if there was a font that was balloon letters so that you and the students could colour in the terms as they were developed in class. I'm still not sure how I can use this in math or science as an engaging tool for my kids. I hope that there are some creative thinkers in our group that can set me straight here!

Week 2: VoiceThread

I like this one a lot! To make this really successful, I think that you would have to make it very straight forward with out making it too teachery. I'm not sure that I accomplished this here, but it is my first attempt. It's all in question that you use to frame the task. Particularly if you set the kids up to start authoring these learning artefacts which of course is the goal. I would love to make one with pictures and have the students come up with word problems that could fit the picture. Or have them describe scientific processes like photosysnthesis or the water cycle. Or have them discuss the science issues as they arise in the media. Lots and lots of places to go with this car!

Week 3: StoryBird

Oh, how I struggled with this one. We let our own definitions of self become barriers to our potential abilities. So I wrote a story about it. Truthfully,this is a wonderful tool for LA teachers but I cannot see how I would use this in math and science. I would need some pretty specific sorts of pictures and I did not see any that gave me hope. Once again, I may be constraining myself behind my disciplinary wall. Can someone rescue me?

Beyond My Wall by MrCarlsen on Storybird