Name: Bonnie Yelverton (aka Bonbayel)
Located: Upland California

Finishing credential at Claremont Graduate University July 15! Secondary Math and Science

twitter #bonbayel I have barely used twitter, so this will force me to learn that as well as wikispaces and all the other tools. I love to learn things. Great!
Blogs: To Do The Impossible; (class projects for Ed MA) The Adolescent Dilemma, Negotiated Identity
Prezis: I love to use Prezi instead of PowerPoint, which I'm really tired of. Here's one I made for my students, collecting all the great links people suggested from a NSTA chemistry email list. I can't figure out how to make it smaller, here, though. Does anyone know how? I haven't used wikispaces before!

My Wordle

Made by linking to my blog, which has been about gifted students recently,
since I'm taking a course about teaching Gifted students and students with learning difficulties for my last course at CGU!
I linked to it as a Widget, but it doesn't show very big. I will take a screen shot, too.
Wordle: Gifted students
Gifted students