This week, I made a Wordle to use at the beginning of the year. Students will use the Wordle on the digital projector to predict their top ten list of stories they think they will like the best. Thanks to all of your help tonight, I was able to re-do my Wordle with all of the words attached rather than having the titles separated.
Here are Our Reading Stories for Next Year

During the second week of bootcamp, I added my comment to the teacher voicethread and created my own to use in class. I will use this voicethread with the book Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. I have a fake picture of Florida and Dallas asking for help from my students. My students will tell them how to use their time wisely in the thinking corner.

Here's the Voicethread where students can add their voices

Here's the story I wrote to say good-bye to my teenage daughter.
Waiting for You on Storybird

Now it's week four. I am excited to learn about a program called Wetoku and want to practice with an interview with my son next. Here is my test Wetoku.

This has been a very fun summer boot camp. My last assignment is to post a picture of our class blog. Here is the one we used last year. I will update the student accounts to get started this year too.