Daniela Tomatis
Middle School English Teacher from Villanova Mondovì, Italy
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Week 1 : Wordle

I really like your PREZI! I would love to learn how to use that as well. Thanks for sharing! Marsha Anema

Thanks for the ideas! I love Prezi, too! I need to use it more as well as my students! Sue Davidsoon

Week 2 : Voicethread

This is a Voicethread my students created last year. It was a project " Strange animals". If you want to have a look at it, click here

Week 3 : Storybird

This is my first try at Storybird. I thought my students could use it to illustrate some short poems.

A WORD IS DEAD by themachinegoeson on Storybird

Week 4 : Wetoku

Week 5 : Blogs

I love blogging! I use The machine goes on both as a classroom blog and as records of activities and teaching ideas.

Here is a presentation with some examples.