Ellen Petra
IB English Teacher, American Literature teacher
St. John's School, GUAM

Week 1: Wordle

This is a wordle of the first act of Hamlet. Students could use the wordle to compare the different acts and see which words appear most frequently. This could lead to a lesson on the changes taking place with the characters as well as the ever erratic changes taking place with Hamlet's state of mind.

Week 2: Voice Threads

Here is my voicethread about the island of Guam. I used images from the New York Public Library media source available on voicethreads.

In this voicethread, I've shared some images of the island of Guam and commented on the images. I would use voicethread for my students in much the same way. As I teach 11th and 12th grade English, I could use the voicethread as a way to discuss poetry and a means for students to offer "audio annotations" of the text.