Name: Karen M.

twitter: IdiomOfTheWeek
Pre-Service Teacher, completing M.S. in TESOL

Week 1 - Wordle

This Wordle was created with some of the more common partitives....It ties in to a few lessons where the students would shop and then prepare a recipe. It is a great visual in that students can become familiar not only with the word but also the relative sizing of the word as it relates to the unit of measurement (tablespoon & teaspoon). I think it would be a fun & interesting way to introduce and acquaint ELL's with learning partitives.


Week 2 - Voicethread

Following is the first attempt at a Voicethread for an Introduction to English Language Learners about Ellis Island. I will update with spoken words to enhance the written words included on this edition(headset issues). The students can read & respond (verbally or in writing) to the pictures & questions asked throughout the Voicethread. The students would then create their own Voicethread to share their stories (or parts of their stories that they wish to share) & respond to each other through this excellent (and fun!) tool.

Week 3 - Storybird

Storybird is an excellent tool for student collaboration and creative writing in addition to many other uses. The illustrations are wonderful and serve as a terrific springboard for ideas. Following is my Storybird...I look forward to creating and sharing many many more!
Our Magical Animal Kingdom on Storybird

Week 4 - Wetoku

Wetoku is a fun and useful application for interviewing and sharing information. It was a fun experience but one I will definitely practice ahead of time before using with students. I will use this with my future ELL's as a way for them to interview each other - either as a way to get to know each other or as a response to literature. I would love to try it with a class interviewing students in a different part of the country or even another country!

Week 5 - Blogging

Blogging is a great tool for the classroom - either as a way to share information (as in teacher to students) or as a group/class project. Students collaborating to create a blog is a great way for them to work as part of group, incorporate technology and share it with each other and even their parents. It is a visual record of their efforts. Students can incorporate Wetoku's into their blog too! I look forward to using this in my classroom, as well as continuing my blog. Here is a link to my blog...a reflection of everything I've learned during the New Teacher Bootcamp! blog_screenshot.PNGPlease stop by to feed the fish by clicking at the top of the water!