Lynnette Johnson

First grade teacher from Lancaster, CA

Twitter: @lynnet_te (this may change as I figure out how to add a professional account in addition to my personal one)

Week 1: Wordle

This is the text from the CA state standard for first grade Mathematics, Number Sense. It's interesting to see what words are given prominence in the Wordle.

external image 2011-07-06_1548.png

Week 2: Voice Thread
I would use this particular voice thread as a "center" in my classroom. I would tell them about the parade that this picture was taken at, ask the students to tell me about a time they had been to a parade, and then tell me three adjectives to describe the picture that I have posted. I like that they can tell me an adjective that they may not be able to spell by typing but may know. I have 1st graders.

external image 2011-07-20_2147.png

Week 3:Story Bird
I loved the beautiful artwork that was available for the stories although I had trouble with choosing pictures! I couldn't get different artwork to appear after I had selected a specific tag or artist. I went back to the tutorial and it showed a tab for theme down at the bottom which my Storybird screen did not have. I think I just need additional time to play with this tool to discover its functions. I think students would love to see their stories come to life in a professional looking book.
It's a Beautiful Day! on Storybird

Week 4: Wetoku

Week 5: Blogs
Am in the process of figuring out the blog platform I want to use. This is really a giant task for me and I think it should have been the first one we did. Difficult to complete in a couple days. Since the wiki will remain open, I will post the link when I have it completed. Most likely beginning of next week.