Meg Krause
5th Grade Teacher
Riverdale Country School
Bronx, NY

Week #1 Assignment: WORDLE
digital photogrphy

The Liberation of Gabriel King

Student Assignment: In our reading of The Liberation of Gabriel King, a number of words have emerged as important.
Choose three words from the Wordle and explain how they relate to one another.

Week #2 Assignment: VoiceThread
I created my VoiceThread but have not been able to successfully upload my work to the wiki.
If you click on the 'VoiceThread" link you will be taken to the actual VoiceThread.
In the book, Gabriel King has A LOT of fears, the biggest of which is moving up to fifth grade.
His best (and only) friend, Frieda, is determined to help him; her idea is to "liberate" him by making him face his fears.
First, he has to list all his fears. (His final list has 38!)
In this VoiceThread, I ask my fifth graders to list their top five fears.

Week #3 Assignment: Storybird
I will going away for a little vacation, so I got week #3 assignment done a bit early.
Since I still haven't figured out how to upload my Screencast image to the wiki,
I have attached two links - one to the actual Storybird, and the other to the Screencast image.
The Liberation of Gabriel King, metaphors

Week #4 Assignment: Wetoku (I interviewed my daughter, Hope, who is in teacher ed grad school at Boston College. I used headphones but the echo - or delay was very distracting.)

Week #5 Assignment: Blogging

I have created a blog to explore and experiment with educational technology. Here is a post I wrote about Wallwisher.