Patti Walsh
I'm completing my last semester of a transition-to-teaching program by student teaching in 5th grade and doing a practicum with a middle school math teacher. I was formerly a business consultant, computer programmer, and preschool teacher, and the preschool teacher gig was what convinced me to go into education as a career. I'm happy to have donated all my suits and I'm spending my summer doing as much learning in all sorts of areas related to teaching so I'm not a drag to my cooperating teacher.


Wordle Exercise: I used words from my blog and it was so interesting to see what words I use frequently!


Voice Thread: This seems like such a great way to get the quiet kids to get involved. I also like that the kids can interact with each other's work, giving them an authentic audience.

StoryBird: A quick summertime book just to try it out. Looks like a great way to get kids interested in writing or preparing to write.
I can't see the blue text that would let me embed any code, so here's the link. Anyone else having the same problem?

Wetoku: This looks like a great tool, but my webcam just isn't cooperating. Hopefully I can play with it some more when I'm at school with other equipment.

Blog: I've got several blogs for different purposes. I think the most difficult part of blogging is keeping it up regularly. Life is so busy. It's the same reason I have for not keeping my own writing journal, which I've always wanted to do but never did. The link to my blog is at the top of this page, but here it is again:

Here's an image of our blogging assignment: