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Week 1 - Wordle
We used Wordle in my Grade 3 practicum class as an entry point into our inquiry. Students simply came up with words that helped them describe life in Peru and helped us see where their interests lay to direct our teaching. Also, I have seen this used in poetry writing where the whole class brainstorms words that might help them write a poem on i.e. nature.Peru.png
*Comments taken from other Wikispaces on Wordle - for my own future use.
Wordle generates “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.
Here are ways to use Wordle:
- making lists, brainstorming

- spelling words, word families
- review concepts, key words
- describe a character
- summarizing
- word walls
- poems
- intro to a unit
- making predictions
- discuss current events

- compare 2 different articles on same event & see most common words
- school philosophy statement
- describing yourself/students introducing themselves at the beginning of the year
- key events that illustrate a trait of a main character
- use color and font to support your expression- practice and learn keyboard commands like copy and paste- teachers can informally assess students' basic keyboard skills while observing- input a paragraph and see if you are overusing certain words-teachers can model this process of editing. (Paste your own writing and make a Wordle to show use of words)- previewing story vocabulary, predicting- math keywords to solving word problems (words that signify addition, subtraction, etc)- student assignment of a reading text Wordle: Choose three words from the Wordle and explain how they relate to one another- quick class surveys (what is your favorite animal?)- providing key words for cooperative learning- front page of the class wiki, teaching portfolio, unit binder- introducing new vocabulary (can you guess the topic?)- pre-reading activities (first: match adjectives and words, second: write as many sentences as you can)- listing words to insert in a text (write a story using all the words in the Wordle)- character education: students create a word cloud showing how they exemplify a trait like honesty or responsibility
- math units: create a word cloud of the big ideas in a math unit in their own words
- print unit words in black and white, students color in as that vocabulary is discussed during unit

Week 2 - VoiceThread - Introduction to Georgia O'Keeffe

*Voice Thread - comments from other wikispaces for my own future use.- use in an online class to be more interactive- upload PP and videos, add teacher comments/thoughts before sharing- students comment on content- teacher can jump in to clear up confusions or try to push student thinking more- uploaded videos can be paused for comments to be made at particular points- use for literature circles- reading fluency practice- sharing original work- use with students for peer feedback- student response to literature- teachers collaborate on a fun birthday wish- post student work and have PLC use it to comment- students explain how to do a math problem- show students talking about school during parent open house- document the water cycle- post an unlabeled picture of scenery, an event, etc and have students guess (26 interesting ways to use VT in the classroom)

Week 3 - Storybird - The Lonely Ice Cream Cones - a creation by me and my 9 year old daughter - she was so thrilled she made several others. Not sure if Storybird is slow in reviewing before placing in public files? Just takes awhile for Embed and Badges blue type to come up ... needs to be approved.

*StoryBird - taken from other wikispaces for my own future use.- homework excuse books - students collaborate to create a book/poem - math word problems (making the literacy connection during math) - descriptive writing practice - tech class learning to create, save, upload to share

Week 4 - Wetoku

Week 5 - Blogs