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Here is the link to the Wordle Blog

My Wordle below from a blog post I wrote on the first day of a week in the Galapagos- funny how "lunch" came up so often.


Here is a voicethread example of some teachers sending a message to a co-worker. You can use this idea to help introduce your staff to voicethread in a non-threatening and fun way

Storybird is one of my all time favorite tools. I can't wait to hear the blog and see other ideas. I think the artwork is so inspiring that it really helps students be creative, but there a few things to be careful of. It's easy to write stories like "Hi I am so and so" using the artwork so it's important to challenge your students to think of full stories that they can illustrate with the artwork (especially the younger students). One of the favorite parts of storybird is building stories collaboratively by using the game feature (it's your turn) and it's easy to set up accounts for all students using a classroom account (free- I love free) so even your younger students that don't have email can have their own. My favorite project is one that my 5th grade class did with a class in Texas (I am in California) and each student had a partner in the other state that they wrote a collaborative story with , even though they had never met. (We did Skype calls at the end of the project so they could meet). Here is the collaborative story the teacher and I did as an example. You can tell who wrote each page by the initials at the bottom of the page. FYI, she was a better writer than I was, but she inspired me to work my hardest to keep up. I hope you enjoy our story about Cotton:

Cotton Dreams Away by epals on Storybird

I was very excited to try a new tool- Wetoku, one I have never used. I contacted my BTFF (Best Teacher Friend Forever) Cris and she agreed to let me interview her. She is attending the Krauss Center MERIT program this summer to learn more about technology in the classroom so it was a perfect fit. The interview went very well, check it out below.

A few things I learned- definitely use earphones as they suggest (or a headset), the echo is pretty bad otherwise. Also, you can talk to your interviewee before you start, but once you hit stop, they are gone, so have a phone available if you need any follow-up. Finally, be sure you interviewee has good lighting, (you will see Cris didn't) and check yours as well (note the reflection in my glasses- not good). I have noticed that the embed code plays back somewhat slower than a direct link to the interview, so if it doesn't work well, here is the direct link. MERIT interview with Cris Mobley Lawson

Cris and I brainstormed a few ways to use this after the interview:
Students interview each other as characters of a book they just read.
Students interview each other as people we are studying in Social studies
Interview other teachers on best practices in their classroom and have them for new teachers or for PD.


I have some experience with blogs, having done one for a year on a combination of school and personal things. I did this to learn about blogging, here is a link to Mr R's Blog if you are interested. I also recently took a trip to the Galapagos Islands, and blogged about the trip. This one has the blog posts reversed so it reads more like a journal, this is useful for students using a blog to create a journal, the trick is to change the date order in the options on the post. Read about my trip if you are interested . Galapagos Journal. Finally, a friend of mine decided to ride across Iowa on his bike (RAGBRAI) to celebrate his 70th birthday. He sent me some pictures along the way and I created this blog for him. Steve's Ride across Iowa.

I am going to be working with some teachers in 1st, 2nd and 5th grade this year to help them with student blogging so I was very excited to read all the ideas from Gret. Thanks to her for sharing and to Lisa for sharing her with us.

Below is the screen capture of my NT Bootcamp reflection blog, Please feel free to click on the link and leave me a comment. I love comments.