Portfolio for Sue Davidson

Week One:


I am familiar with wordle and have used it this past year for my yearbook class. I would have the students make wordles using words for the theme of the yearbook or making wordles using scripture that supports the theme. (I am at a Christian School.) But we liked the wordle best that we used to design our T-shirts. The very largest word was "yearbook2011". Every student's name in our yearbook class was placed in the wordle several times to make it the large words in the wordle. Then the secondary sized words were the theme-based words. The smallest words were the vocabulary used in creating our yearbooks.

For my lesson, I choose to use Biblegateway.com and look up Romans Chapter 1. I copied and pasted the whole chapter into wordle. I deleted chapter titles and the numbers that indicate each of the verses. The product is a visual of the theme and the important ideas of the chapter. The teacher could have the students identify the themes and main ideas. The students could then choose one or more of those identified words and explain how why it is important in this chapter of the Bible.

Romans Chapter One

Week Two:Voicethread

I made a voicethread of a picture of my father's trick car that he would put in parades when I was a child. I liked that I could draw on the picture as I talked to emphasize parts of the picture. While I was making it and including my voice comment, I played it back and I heard it and it was fine. Once I saved it, my recording was not there. I researched it and learned basically I had to refresh the page.
Check it out with this link:


Week Three:


Daydreaming on Storybird

Week Four:


I do not have a web cam and consequently, I was unable to create a Wetoku. It looks like a great tool though and I will request some web cams for our school.