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Wordle Week 1

Yea, I finally figured out how to post to the bootcamp. Wiki much harder to grasp then wordle. I learned how to do wordle, a little wiki and jing. Oh, a lot for someone with little tech experience!

Ok... So here are my thoughts about wordle:

I teach 7th grade math and can see using wordle with graphs(survey. like color wordle below). I like the idea of using wordle for vocabulary words and as an intro about my students at the beginning of the year. I will be teaching students who have struggled on our state mandated test and I wanted to dig into as much technology as possible while I teach the TEKS. I would love to hear one of my students say, " I can't wait to get to my math lab because we are creating a wordle, or glog or using voicthread"...or anything new and innovative!.


Week 2

Ok, I made my comment on the voicethread and designed my first voicethread. I do think that when I design the thread for my class I will have better pictures. I might even go back in an edit this thread. Hopefully you can access it here:

I can see using voicthread in math 1) As I did here with identifying shapes, 2) Student observation of a problem, 3) Student portfolio like I saw in one of the links, 4) Find out students prior knowledge about fractions, decimals, or any topic you choose, 5) How to steps.....where each student explains how they solved the problem, 6) Video review and thoughts.......and the list can go on and on.


Week 3 Storybird

Ok, I think this was the hardest for me so far. I am a math teacher and writing is not my strong point. I wanted to make it math related, but I think I would need more time to brainstorm. I did come up with a story, and threw math in at the last minute!
I can see students designing great books around a story problem and then solving it. This sure beats the traditional black and white problem that just doesn't come alive. I did read soom other stories related to math that were elementary level. One book was about adding fractions. So students could design a storybird and explain a concept.
I will have to think longer about how I can incoorperate storybird into my math classroom.

Alone by gatormath7 on Storybird

Week 4 Wetoku

I really enjoyed doing the interview and learning about Wetoku. I did have some mic issues with hearing double sounds and I need to figure that out so it doesn't happen again. Take a listen to a reflection of CAMT 2011, Grapevine, Texas.

Hopefully I embed this correctly for you to view it. If not select link above for the Wetoku.

I think my students will really enjoy Wetoku. I am excited about posting their interviews in our classroom blog.

Week 5 Blogging

I started Blogging about two weeks before I joined NT BOOTCAMP. My goals was to write about all the cool technolgy I was discovering on the web and let others know how I would use this technology in my classroom. NT Bootcamp was awesome because I could write about all the great tools I learned and share my experiences in my blog. I will continue to blog as I "Get Techy in Math". So check out my blog at . (I actually set up blog in 2010, but didn't start blogging until this summer!.....It's never to late.