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This is a new page for me and I'm hoping that it works.
I've uploaded a wordle that I created in Week 1 from a book review that I completed.
My new wordle from a screen capture

Week 2 Assignment - Voice Thread -

I finally got my voice thread to upload. I am so excited about the possibilities of using this for some of the online teaching that I do. If you click after the last ppt frame, I was able to add in the video too - but it doesn't flow from the others. Not sure why.

Week 3 Assignment - Storybird

I'm still trying to get my storybird to embed into my wiki but I don't seem to be able to get the html. Here is a link - I hope this works.

I am learning so much. I couldn't get my storybird to embed b/c I created a regular account. When you do that you need to have your storybirds "moderated" by the webmasters. So now I have a classroom account and get the html embed codes right away. So I created another storybird!! Here it is.

The Future by Michelle89 on Storybird
I love the idea of using the storybird as an interactive/sharing experience for children. And the variety of artists and drawings was amazing!

I learned how to embed my original story, so I'll post it here too.

Seasons by mabconsultants on Storybird

Week 4 Assignment - Wetoku

I really love the idea of using Wetoku for projects - not only with children but with adult learners as well. It adds a wonderful dimension to geneaology research as well. My own test had some learning opportunities. My interviewee was not able to hear me very loudly, although on playback, my voice has an echo. Need some more practice for the future.

Week 5 Assignment - Blogging

There is such a learning curve for me here. I decided to try wordpress as my blogging site. I created a page and made a post, but I have to admit that I'll need to spend some more time exploring it to use it to it's fullest potential. I loved the interview this week and the enthusiasm of Greta. Hope to get my screen capture to work (I'm trying to use snagit) Meanwhile - here's the link to the page.

my first blog page