Projects completed in New Teacher Boot Camp with Edutopia

Example of Wordle:
My Philosophy of Education: I chose the Golden Rule so that I would treat all students how I would like to be treated if I were in their shoes and had their specific learning needs. I want to love first, but also to maintain classroom control with proper discipline necessary for a good learning environment. It continues to be a learning process for me to apply the Golden Rule appropriately as new circumstances arise. I am learning that to love does not mean we give students everything they want, but we set loving boundaries and classroom rules to maintain a positive learning environment and to help them achieve.

Example of using Voice Thread along with Comic Life, pictures that can be stored on

Flickr, Audacity, and Windows Media: I think younger students would enjoy narrating

a nursery rhyme, especially if they could include pictures of a farm field trip

or their own pets. (I would be careful if not all students have pets to share.

I would not want to make any child feel left out. In that case using zoo animals,

class pets, or free online pictures they choose could make sure no one is left out

and put all students on equal footing so they have something to share).

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Example of a StoryBird with added voice recording with my webcam:

I uploaded it to Screencast after capturing the video recording with Jing.

I think allowing students to write a story and then make a screencast

as they read it would make neat gifts for parents at Christmas, Mother's Day,

Father's Day, and also neat reading and writing assignments.

My Daily Mishaps First Attempt using Wetoku when I was Ill The password to get in is 5aa7a, but I admit, I may delete
this link soon after the class as it is terrible; but under the circumstances, it was the only way to
complete the assignment. I first tried to complete it by my Apple iPad when I was on vacation last week,
but I was unable to do so. I do not know if there is an app to work with Ipad or not, but would love to know if there is or if my trouble
was due to my inexperience on the iPad.
I recently learned about Blogger and I created a blog in which I simply have been linking to sites that student teachers might use to teach. The Voki on here is an example of a person
asking for help in preparing for an interview. It is an example of what not to do, and I thought teachers could create such Vokis to have students critique for grammar mistakes
or to learn foreign languages. I included videos about online safety and even creation of acrab made from a towel from a KMART site as a project for art class or Mother's Day and to show
that many sites can be useful if we are creative. I also just began an Edmodo site in which I plan to have student teachers share as they would have their students
share in a class of their own regarding weekly assignments and questions, etc.

The tricky part with Blogger was going into the actual HTML to create two columns so my blog was not
all on one side of the page. Also, sometimes, Blogger didn't take the embed codes and I had to alter the code,
and I don't know HTML, but I learned some. It is not like my old coding days.